Shooter arrested after killED professor.

Tragedy Strikes UNC-Chapel Hill Campus: Faculty Member Fatally Shot, Prompting Lockdown*



Raleigh, NC – In a shocking incident that unfolded on Monday, a faculty member at UNC-Chapel Hill was fatally shot by a gunman within a laboratory building situated at the heart of the campus. The distressing event led to a tense and uncertain three-hour lockdown not only within the university premises but also in nearby K-12 schools.



As per the latest updates, authorities from the campus and the police addressed the media in an evening press conference, confirming the arrest of an individual in connection with the incident. However, the identity of both the detained person and the deceased faculty member remains undisclosed at this time.


The aftermath of the tragic incident has resulted in the cancellation of all classes and activities at UNC for both Monday night and the entirety of Tuesday. This incident comes as a grim start to the university’s second week of classes, as well as the initial day for students attending Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.


The chain of events commenced with a 911 call reporting gunshots at approximately 1:02 pm, as shared by UNC Police Chief Brian James. This triggered a series of lockdowns across the community, causing widespread unease. The official all-clear signal wasn’t issued by UNC authorities until around 4:15 pm.


Throughout this period, students took to social media to share videos and images from the scene. At one point, a person was detained by the police but was subsequently released after not being identified as the suspected shooter. This led to a surge of false information circulating on social media platforms, exacerbating fear and confusion within the community.


UNC initiated an immediate alert at 1:03 pm, just a minute after the initial 911 call, notifying the presence of an “armed and dangerous person” either on or near the campus. Further alerts instructing students to take shelter and avoid windows were issued at 1:21 pm. Police managed to apprehend the suspected shooter at 2:31 pm, approximately an hour and a half after the first emergency call.


Within minutes, a photograph of a person of interest was posted on social media. Despite these developments, the shelter-in-place order remained in effect, and UNC alerts continued to caution about the suspect being at large until after 4 pm. The delay in lifting the lockdown was attributed to the time required for the police to accurately identify the shooter. Meanwhile, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public Schools system received the green light to dismiss students at 3:40 pm.


It wasn’t until a 5:45 pm press conference that both police and university officials officially confirmed the occurrence of the shooting. Prior to this, the sole acknowledgment of the incident came from Gov. Roy Cooper, who affirmed the event and pledged the deployment of all necessary state resources to apprehend the perpetrator.


The entire ordeal left the campus and its vicinity in a state of uncertainty, with a heightened police presence focusing on several laboratory buildings near the iconic bell tower – a widely recognized landmark within the state. For many, the tragedy evoked memories of a similar sorrowful event on February 10, 2015, when three students, including two from UNC and one from N.C. State, lost their lives in an off-campus house.


Addressing the community, UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz urged unity in the face of adversity, stating, “This is a time for the community to come together. These tragic events are sadly happening across the nation.” As the investigation unfolds, the campus and its surrounding areas grapple with the aftermath of this harrowing incident.

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